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Carl Hinds is a professional DJ with a broad range of international experience in corporate, private and arts-based functions, predominantly in the UK and Asia as a resident or guest DJ. Equipped with a wealth of musical knowledge, he plays to the crowd and curates unforgettable experiences that uplift and entertain diverse groups. Seamlessly blending together genres of music, Carl’s goal is to bring a joyous energy to any event.

As an old school vinyl DJ, he is often seen carrying his record box (and sometimes his turntables) to gigs. Preferring the authenticity and sound of original music, he is a purist at heart, loving nothing more than the snap crackle and pop sound of vinyl. In his own words, he says, 'absolutely nothing will ever beat it!’ However, with the challenge of the current global lockdown, and the need to appeal to diverse audiences playing an unlimited range of music, Carl has extended his repertoire to include digital and online options to satisfy his clients being equally experienced and comfortable playing at large corporate events or private functions.